Turkish Ney

The Ney flutes made by Sinan are used by the greatest masters (Niyazi Sayin, Bulent Özbek…). Sinan manufactures high quality instruments, and its finish is impeccable. His reeds come from Hatay, and Sinan knows how to choose them and work to get the best. Indeed, if the diameter of a Ney can vary, the walls of the reed must be thin enough for the sound to be rich and powerful, and thick enough to guarantee the solidity of the instrument.

The 3 qualities of reed: Standard, Pro and Custom

Normal reeds have a fine diameter. The sound is easy to master. They are particularly recommended if you are a beginner, or if you like the sound of finer flutes.

If you are confirmed to professional, prefer reeds of medium diameter (PRO model) or large (Custom model). The sound is warmer with a lot of harmonics, but requires more experience to master it.

The mouthpiece (Bashpare): Delrin and Corne

The mouthpiece (Bashpare) is a very important part for the quality of the sound. For this one we mainly use 2 materials, Delrin (a very dense and hard plastic), horn.

The Delrin Bashpare offers a very good sound quality, and it is also very resistant, which is practical in case of a fall.

The horn Bashpare provides excellent sound, very precise and fluid. It is much more expensive than Delrin, and above all more fragile.

Turkish Ney

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